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Contract No Prequal Level   Title Contract Type Adv. Date Closing Date
DOT32005 G2-RSA  West Gate Bridge asphalt and waterproof membrane replacement works (Lane 2E) RFT 19/09/2023 16/10/2023
DOT31825 B1 and F1  Installation of public safety barriers on Melrose Drive Bridge RFT 07/09/2023 05/10/2023
DOT31851 G2-RSA  Pavement rehabilitation on Baxter-Tooradin Rd. RFT 06/09/2023 04/10/2023
DOT29296 B2,
R2 and F10
  Wye River Bridge Replacement and Associated Works RFT 28/08/2023 27/09/2023
DOT30822  Short term evaluation motorcycle safety levy program RFT 21/08/2023 11/10/2023
DOT30172 B1 and F1  Martin street pedestrian overpass over Burgundy Street RFT 16/08/2023 04/10/2023