Contract No:   DOT31986
Contract Type:   Request for Tender
Title:   Fibre Connection from Hoddle St/Eastern Fwy Interchange to DTP Fibre Optic Network at Citylink/M1 Punt Road Interchange and Olympic Blvd/Punt Road.
Closing Date:   29/4/2024
Advertised Date:   29/11/2023
Prequalification Level:   SCTV or STCE1


Contact Person:   Mari Cortese-Milone
Phone:   9854 2489
E-mail:   [email protected]
Briefing Meeting Details:   N/A
Availability of Documents:   For Contract document request please email [email protected] or call: Mari Cortese-Milone Ph: 9854 2489
Lodgement Address:   ALL tenders must be submitted electronically via Buying for Victoria (TendersVic) prior to the stipulated time on the closing date.