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Contract No Prequal Level   Title Contract Type Adv. Date Closing Date
DOT28823 G2-NW  Noise Walls Replacement on South Gippsland Freeway between Frawley Road and Dandenong Hwy, Hallam and Foster Street in Dandenong. RFT 25/01/2023 22/02/2023
DOT2375 G2-RSA  The supply and placement of approximately 23,645 tonnes of Asphalt across various Arterial roads within Loddon Mallee Region. RFT 19/01/2023 15/02/2023
DOT28891 R2 and F5  Pavement rehabilitation Frankston - Flinders Road RFT 18/01/2023 08/02/2023
DOT28962 M2-BW  Expansion joint repairs on 12 bridges RFT 18/01/2023 08/02/2023
DOT27370 R1 & F2  Supply & Installation of West Gate Bridge Security Fence including all civil works. RFT 18/01/2023 08/02/2023
DOT27102 B2 & F5  Replacement of existing Charcoal Creek Culvert along the Henty Highway between Jaffrays Road and N Wallacedale Road, Wallacedale (South of Hamilton). RFT 18/01/2023 24/02/2023
DOT27626 R2 and F2  Works Jasper/Brewer Road, Bentleigh RFT 16/01/2023 15/02/2023
DOT25996 B3 & F10  Bridge strengthening works-Gippsland Region RFT 14/12/2022 01/02/2023
DOT28022 B2 and R1 and F5  Bridge Strengthening and Barrier Upgrade on Existing Bridge over Carlisle River and Associated Works RFT 08/12/2022 08/02/2023
DOT25584 R3 & F15  Montrose intersection upgrade RFT 07/12/2022 15/02/2023