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Contract No Prequal Level   Title Contract Type Adv. Date Closing Date
10203 G2-LM  Maintenance of pavement markings on freeway and arterial roads within Metropolitan Melbourne RFT 23/09/2020 14/10/2020
9633 R2 and F5  Road works Calder Highway RFT 23/09/2020 21/10/2020
10199 G2-RSA  Asphalt resurfacing of various roads within Metropolitan South East Region - South Central Sector A RFT 23/09/2020 21/10/2020
10215 G2-NW  Design and replacement of noise wall on the Calder Freeway RFT 23/09/2020 28/10/2020
10217 G2-RSA  Asphalt Works in Bendigo area RFT 16/09/2020 07/10/2020
10216 G2-RSA  Supply and placement of asphalt on various arterial roads in Northern Region. RFT 16/09/2020 14/10/2020
10188 R2 and F10  Pavement Maintenance on Henty Highway, Donald-Stawell Road and Western Highway RFT 09/09/2020 07/10/2020
10209 R1 and F2  Drainage works for Goulburn Valley Freeway RFT 09/09/2020 07/10/2020
10195 G2-RSA  Asphalt resurfacing on various roads in Municipalities within Western Region RFT 02/09/2020 30/09/2020