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Contract No Prequal Level   Title Contract Type Adv. Date Closing Date
9996 B2 and F1 Collar Upgrade for Fire Protection Sleeves - West Gate Bridge RFT 14/02/2019 27/02/2018
9617 B2 and F5  Wye River Bridge Replacement and Associated Works RFT 13/02/2019 13/03/2019
9562 R2 and F5  Construction of Overtaking Lane at Boosey RFT 07/02/2019 06/03/2019
9985 R2 and F1  Intersection works at High Street Road / Lawrence Road, Mt. Waverly Street Road / Lawrence Road in Mentone and at Balcombe Road / Charman Road in Mentone. RFT 17/01/2019 20/02/2019
9894 PRS  Evaluation of the Safer Road Infrastructure Program Stage 3 RFT 16/01/2019 06/03/2019
9997 R2 & F5  Bicycle Corridor Improvements along Albert Street, Melbourne RFT 12/12/2018 20/02/2019
9904 R3 and F10  Shepparton Alternative Route Roundabout Construction at Shepparton Alternative Route/Dookie-Shepparton Road and Shepparton Alternative Route/Old Dookie Road. RFT 06/02/2018 13/03/2019