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Tender Lists are not to be taken as an indication of which (if any) tender will be accepted. The tenders are subject to a check for errors or omissions in the Schedule of Rates or Prices as relevant, and for compliance with the conditions of tendering. Tenderers are advised not to enter into any commitments in respect of the list unless formally advised of acceptance of its tender.

Closing Date Contract Type Contract No Title
 RFT DOT21220 Hoddle Bridge paint removal and repainting, Punt Road over Yarra River.
 RFT DOT10259 Pavement marking maintenance of Arterial Roads within Western Region
 RFT DOT19573 Works on Springvale Rd and Virginia St and Newcomen Rd, Springvale
 RFT DOT19993 Construction of roundabouts at Brandy Creek and Middle Tarwin
 RFT DOT20421 Works Kilmore-Lancefield Road, Kilmore
 RFT DOT1314 West Gate Bridge waterproof membrane replacement works
 RFT DOT19716 Twin cell corrugated steel pipe rehabilitation under Calder Freeway Sec. 2.
 RFT DOT19622 Supply and installation of Vehicle Detection Station
 RFT DOT0564-004 Construction of a roundabout, Cobram
 RFT DOT1268 Construction of new bridge near Traralgon
 RFT DOT19432 Asphalt resurfacing on various roads
 RFT 10284 Gisborne-Melbourne Road/Kilmore Road intersection works
 RFT DOT1254 Works of Dynon Road Bridge
 RFT 10282 Works at Queens Parade/ George Street intersection, Fitzroy North
 RFT DOT19244 2021-22 asphalt contract - Loddon Mallee Region
 RFT DOT0947-001 Pavement Maintenance Henty Highway, Dooen
 RFT DOT1279 Sunraysia Highway intersection safety upgrade
 RFT 10283 After Data Collection and Analysis for the Short-Term Evaluation of Safer Roads Top 20 Projects
 RFT 10279 Pavement maintenance on Wimmera Highway, Horsham