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Tender Lists are not to be taken as an indication of which (if any) tender will be accepted. The tenders are subject to a check for errors or omissions in the Schedule of Rates or Prices as relevant, and for compliance with the conditions of tendering. Tenderers are advised not to enter into any commitments in respect of the list unless formally advised of acceptance of its tender.

Closing Date Contract Type Contract No Title
 RFT 9969 Supply and Install Side Road Activated Speeds (SRAS) System for various Regional Intersections
 RFT 10029 Safe System Road Infrastructure program, Civil and Safety Barrier works
 RFT 10042 Carpark Resurfacing works- Civil Construction works,VicRoads Seaford CSC
 RFT 10031 Maintenance of roadside vegetation on arterial roads within the Municipalities of Nillumbik & Yarra Ranges.
 RFT 10032 Maintenance of Roadside Vegetation on Arterial Roads within the municipalities of Knox, Booroondara, Maroondah and Eastern Freeway Whitehorse.
 RFT 10033 Maintenance of Roadside Vegetation on Arterial Roads within the Municipalities of Cardinia & City of Casey
 RFT 9947 Roundabout works at Calder Hwy / Sturt Hwy / Seventeenth St Intersection, Mildura
 RFT 9906 Construction works and upgrades to Stud Rd/Clow Street Intersection, Dandenong.
 RFT 10013 Maintenance of Traffic Signals and other Electrical and Communication devices, within the Northern Region.
 RFT 10018 Monitor Inspections for various bridges and culverts in rural Victoria.
 RFT 10014 Maintenance of traffic signals, on road electrical devices and metered street lighting in Eastern Region.
 RFT 9975 Roundabout construction Calder Highway / Hattah Robinvale Roads and Hattah Roadhouse parking.
 RFT 10016 Panel of Suppliers for Engineering Services
 RFT 9964 Roadside Motorcycle Safety Infrastructure Works
 RFT 9617 Wye River Bridge Replacement
 RFT 9904 Shepparton Alternative Route Roundabout Construction at Shepparton
 RFT 9562 Construction of Overtaking Lane at Boosey
 RFT 9894 Evaluation of the Safer Road Infrastructure Program Stage 3