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Tender Lists are not to be taken as an indication of which (if any) tender will be accepted. The tenders are subject to a check for errors or omissions in the Schedule of Rates or Prices as relevant, and for compliance with the conditions of tendering. Tenderers are advised not to enter into any commitments in respect of the list unless formally advised of acceptance of its tender.

Closing Date Contract Type Contract No Title
 EOI DOT29274 Provision of Traffic Guidance Scheme
 RFT DOT27102 Replacement of existing Charcoal Creek Culvert along the Henty Highway between Jaffrays Road and N Wallacedale Road, Wallacedale (South of Hamilton).
 RFT DTP27465 Supply and Installation of Safety Barriers – Princes Highway (Dandenong Rd),
 RFT DOT29120 Inspection of Gantries for Water Ingress
 RFT DOT2375 The supply and placement of approximately 23,645 tonnes of Asphalt across various Arterial roads within Loddon Mallee Region
 RFT DOT25584 Montrose intersection upgrade at Mount Dandenong Road and Mount Dandenong Tourist Road.
 RFT DOT27626 Signalisation of Jasper/Brewer Road intersection and associated works, Bentleigh
 RFT DOT27370 Supply & Installation of West Gate Bridge Security Fence including all civil works.
 RFT DOT28962 Expansion joint repairs on 12 bridges
 RFT DOT28891 Pavement rehabilitation Frankston - Flinders Road
 RFT DOT28022 Bridge Strengthening and Barrier Upgrade on Existing Bridge over Carlisle River
 RFT DOT27958 Pavement Widening and Rehabilitation of the Robinvale Sea Lake Road
 RFT DOT28465 Maintenance of pavement marking on freeways and arterial roads
 RFT DOT27669 Bridge works North Geelong
 RFT DOT25461 WGB pier 10 strengthening works
 RFT DOT27926 Midland Highway, Cosgrove South – Stage 6 – Construction of Road Widening & Road Safety Works
 RFT DOT27752 Bendigo-Redesdale Road (Condon St) and Kairn Road, Signalised Intersection Upgrade.
 RFT DOT25529 Construction of Pedestrian Bridge, Concrete Shared User Path and Associated Works, Alphington.