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Tender Lists are not to be taken as an indication of which (if any) tender will be accepted. The tenders are subject to a check for errors or omissions in the Schedule of Rates or Prices as relevant, and for compliance with the conditions of tendering. Tenderers are advised not to enter into any commitments in respect of the list unless formally advised of acceptance of its tender.

Closing Date Contract Type Contract No Title
 RFT 10120 Civil and Safety Barrier Works for Princes Highway West.
 RFT 10122 Installation of roadside furniture along Hyde Street
 RFT 10059 Fully Controlled Right Turn and Right Turn Lane Extension - Princes Highway East/ D├ęcor Drive, Hallam
 RFT 10110 High Street Road and Warburton Hightway Pavement Rehabilitation
 RFT 10015 Roadworks - Princes Highway & Monaro Highway
 RFT 10128 Narrow Arterial Roads Widening Program - Dunkeld- Cavendish Road
 RFT 10124 Maintenance of Pavement Markings on Freeways and Arterial Roads within Metro Assets
 RFT 10113 Pavement rehabilitation Henty Highway, Wimmera Highway, Western Highway and Stawell - Warracknabeal Road.
 RFT 10137 Pavement Rehabilitation Dookie-Nalinga Road, 11.06km to 12.12km, Nalinga
 RFT 9391 Printing and delivery service for Registration and Licence renewal notices.
 RFT 10061 Pavement Marking Maintenance of Arterial Roads within Western Region.
 RFT 10095 Victorian Heritage Plate Auction Services
 RFT 10090 Pavement Rehabilitation on the Mornington - Tyabb Road, Tyabb
 RFT 10131 Asphalt and Waterproof Membrane Works on the West Gate Bridge.
 RFT 10100 Provision of licensed Department of Transport training material.
 RFT 9732 Construction of Roundabout - Phillip Island
 RFT 10050 Intersection Improvement and Traffic Signals works, Murray Valley / Sturt Street , Echuca
 RFT 10087 Asphalt resurfacing within Metropolitan South East Region - South Central Sector
 RFT 10086 Asphalt resurfacing of various roads within VicRoads Metro South East Region
 RFT 10092 Pavement Rehabilitation - Melba Highway, Dixons Creek
 RFT 10115 Construction of a Roundabout at the Intersection of Kennedys Road and Midland Highway
 RFT 9967 Intersection Upgrade, Charlton
 RFT 10118 Sealing of various Freeways and Arterial Roads within Metro Assets - Western